Introducing the Loany Team

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." --Henry Ford.

A great team is one that has similar values as that of a family. Loany is one such team. There are several good things when it comes to being like a family. Each one's role is unique and thus there is almost no competition amongst us. We compete with our own self. This allows each member to have an expertise in a distinct area.

This is the dev team.

Loany Dev Team


Everyone in the team codes, but Kamal has a major contribution in terms of the number of lines of code (lol). Just kidding. He is a true geek, and spends most of his time coding. If I would have to relate Kamal with a feature of the app, the first thing that would come to my mind is the Chat feature. It's the sole feature in the app, that other features rely on.


He is the eldest but still young and the funniest guy in the team. He has a passion for mobile app dev, and has good experience in developing both iOS and Android native apps. He loves bicycles, cars, and starting fiery debates in a peaceful environment.


The chocolate boy and QA Engineer in the team. Both foodie and fitness freak in a single guy, just like me. Loves biking and sleeping.


The guy in the team who knows the local language, Kannada. Not only that, he knows all the south Indian languages viz., Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and also Hindi. He is a budding android developer.


The youngest team member (he just turned 21 last month). He just loves to learn (it can be anything from parkour to German to Android development). He is very passionate, and this passion drives him to keep learning no matter how many mistakes are made on the way.


The only UI developer of our team, and on the pathway to become a great UX designer. A lot of what you see in the app originates from his design. Arun is currently designing an intuitive flow to collect the loan seeker information when he/she enters the app for the first time. Keep watching the blog to get more updates on that.


I don't really want to speak much about myself, but here goes. I keep the team going, I play the role of the scrum master. I also work with Kamal to build and improve the architecture of the app. I also work with Jasintha (from marketing team) and Vasanth to drive the marketing for the product. Read the rest below in my bio.

BTW do checkout our app at Google Play Store. After all, this is what we've toiled so hard for.